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How Brand Partnerships Reduce Discounting Pressure

Today's consumer is used to getting a discount every time they checkout. The Apply Promo code is the most visited section during the checkout journey. Studies show that not being able to find a promo code is a significant reason for cart abandonment. TailBoost removes the discounting pressure on a brand by enabling the brand to offer discount of offers of other non competing brands to their users when they complete the checkout.

Boost Profitablity
Reduce Discounting Pressure

Maximizing Profitability at Checkout

Discounts and promotions are a common tactic to drive conversions, but they can eat into your profit margins. Tailboost's checkout stage solution is a game-changer. Instead of offering your own discounts, you can feature coupons and offers from third-party brands. This allows you to incentivize customers without sacrificing profitability, creating a win-win scenario for both your brand and your partners.

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